In The First Place

The Remo Four

In The First Place - Front Cover
In The First Place - Front Cover
The Beatles Contribution:  George produced the track, and had a hand in the vocals.
Label Pilar
Catalogue No. PILAR 01
Release Date 25th May 1999
U.K. Singles Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart.
Detail :
Track 1    Track 2
IN THE FIRST PLACE (Original Abbey Road Mix)

A C.D. single (also available on 7" vinyl) promoted as "The single from the film Wonderwall", although this track was not on the album Wonderwall Music.

The main track was produced by George Harrison (the "movie mix", just being shorter), and recorded in 1967 at Abbey Road. This C.D. was mixed on 16th November 1997.
Track 1 is 3:21.
Track 2 is 2:33.

So, touted as a "Wonderwall" track, but why not on the original soundtrack ? ....
When preparing "Wonderwall" for it`s re-release, British director Joe Massot stumbled upon the song while piecing together a new digital audio track. Massot initially thought he was just doing routine cleaning of the film (featuring the only score ever composed by George Harrison) but while rifling through the old soundtrack tapes, Massot heard a new tune with a Harrison ring to it. It turns out that Harrison recorded "In the First Place" with backup band the Remo Four, but never submitted it to Massot for consideration as part of the original "Wonderwall" score. In response to a plea from Massot, however, Harrison agreed to release the song commercially and add it to the new director's cut of the picture. But he insisted on two conditions: he would receive credit only as producer (although his voice is plainly heard on the track), and the Remo Four would be named as the performers.

The Remo Four were very popular for a time in Liverpool around the time the Beatles were still playing in the Cavern, and were even signed by Brian Epstein, but never had anything approaching a hit single. They had a big turnover in personnel, many of whom went on to bigger things. In the early 1960s they were known both for Shadows type instrumentals and harmony vocals with a country & western flavour. Their versatility made them suitable to act as a backing group for other singers, and they recorded in this capacity with solo vocalists Tommy Quickly, Johnny Sandon, and Gregory Phillips. They turned down an opportunity to become Billy J. Kramer's backing group, although they did fill this role as his career was fading in the late 60's, and may have worked with Cilla Black had her boyfriend, Bobby Willis, not objected. The Remo Four also released a few singles of their own in the mid-1960s. On the Picadilly label "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" (7N 35175) is now worth about 15 in mint condition and "Sally Go Round The Roses" (7N 35186) the same, but leading their rarity stakes is "Live Like A Lady" (Fontana TF 787) worth about 50 pounds.

The cover design was by Joanna Pocock with artwork by Tuch.

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