The Beatles On Video

This index includes The Beatles and Solo major video releases, it also includes those videos which may only include the soundtrack, a song, or a fleeting appearance by one or all of the Beatles.

The list was compiled initially from data supplied by "Record Collector" magazine.
This essential magazine, and unquestioned leader in it's field can be seen at it's Record Collector Website. Where one can also see details of how to order back issues.
Seek out Record Collector No. 132, dated August 1990 for the full story of "The Beatles On Video" ! ... (up to that date)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.
Note as of 2008:
      Now we have got into the DVD age of mass issues I only list those that I bother to buy ....

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DateTitleFeaturing (or music by)DistributorCatalogue No.
10/81Rockshow Paul McCartney's 1976 world tour Thorn TVB 90 0334 2
3/82Time Bandits George Harrison
Includes George's unreleased song
"Only A Dream Away"
Thorn TVA 90 0681 2
10/82The Compleat Beatles Compleat Beatles The Beatles
Produced without Beatles blessing,
Contains a LOT of interviews with fans.
MGM/UA UMV 10166
10/82The Magic Christian Ringo Starr
Ringo appears in the film
"Come And Get It" by Badfinger is the theme song
Videoform MGS 8
7/83Concert For Bangle Desh George Harrison Thorn TVD 90 0911 2
7/83Caveman Ringo Starr
Ringo starred in this film
Warner WEV 99290
10/83The Rutles Pastiche Beatles
CLASSIC Beatles spoof by Neil Innes
George has a cameo role.
Palace PVC 2065
11/83Ready Steady Go Vol.1 Ready Steady Go 1 The Beatles.
Beatles feature in the classic show,
Miming to "You Can't Do That"
and "Can't Buy Me Love"
PMI TVE 90 1959 2
1/84Rock 'n' Roll High School Paul McCartney
Soundtrack contains unreleased Wings track,
"Did We Meet Somewhere Before ?".
Warner WEV 74054
2/84Princess Daisy Ringo Starr.
T.V. movie with Ringo starring as
a queer hairdresser.
Videoform MGS 037
5/84Ready Steady Go Vol.2 Ready Steady Go 2 The Beatles.
Beatles feature in the classic show,
Miming to "Twist And Shout"
and "She Loves You"
PMI MVP 99 1002 2
5/84Bob Marley - Legend Paul McCartney.
Fleeting appearance of Paul in "One Love" video
Island BMVV 100
6/84A Hard Day's Night The Beatles. Vestron VA 14118
10/84The Honorary Consul Paul McCartney.
Paul wrote the theme tune.
Thorn TVA 902366 2
11/84Ready Steady Go Vol.3 The Beatles.
Beatles feature in the classic show,
Miming to "She'a A Woman"
"Baby's In Black",
and "Kansas City"
PMI MVP 99 1006 2
12/84Yoko Ono - Then And Now John Lennon.
Mainly Yoko of course, but does include
clips from "Two Virgins" and
"Let It Be" outtakes.
Videoform VFV 23
4/85Ready Steady Go - The Beatles Live ! The Beatles.
20 minutes of Beatles miming hits,
from "Around The Beatles" in 1964.
PMI MVR 99 0041 2
4/85Lennon - A Legend John Lennon.
An hour long U.S. T.V. special shown
the night after John's murder.
Select 3113/43
5/85Willie And The Poor Boys Ringo Starr.
Ringo has a cameo role.
Polygram 041 227 2
5/85Winners Paul/George/Ringo.
Snippets from British Films.
Filmtrax 041 219 2
6/85Frank Zappa's 200 Motels Ringo Starr.
Ringo starred as "Frank Zappa"
Warner PEV 99498
7/85Give My Regards to Broad StreetPaul McCartney.CBS/Fox 1448-50
11/85Imagine - The Video John Lennon.
Not to be confused with "Imagine: John Lennon"
PMI MVP 99 1101 2
11/85Rupert and the Frog Song Sweet Toronto Paul McCartney.
Bonus clips include:
"Seaside Woman" and
"Oriental Nightfish".
Running Time = 22 1/2 mins.
Virgin VVC 109
12/85Water George/Ringo.
George and Ringo appear in this film,
and George wrote two songs from the soundtrack.
Thorn TVQ 90 3131 2
12/85Greenpeace: Non-toxic Video HitsGeorge Harrison.
Includes special video of George's "Save The World"
Wienerworld 11032
2/86Live In New York City John Lennon.
1972 "One To One" charity concert
PMI MVP 99 1115 2
2/86British Rock: First Wave The Beatles.
Includes a few Beatle clips, such as,
1963 Pathe news concert, plus
extracts from 1964 & 1965 NME concerts.
RCA RVT 10796
4/86Porky's Revenge George Harrison.
George has one song in the soundtrack,
"I Don't Want To Do It".
CBS/Fox 1463 50
5/86The Story of Merseybeat The Beatles.
Mixture of Beatle clips again, including
1963 Pathe news concert, plus
"Strawberry Fields Forever" promo.
MGM/UA UMV 10780
6/86Carl Perkins & Friends George/Ringo.
George and Ringo are part of the band.
Virgin VVD 133
6/86Alice In Wonderland Ringo Starr.
Ringo plays the "Mock Turtle".
Warner PEV 34099
8/86The Real Buddy Holly StoryPaul McCartney.
Paul performs solo versions of Holly songs,
PLUS, the first ever airing of
Quarrymen acetate "That'll Be The Day".
PMI MVN 99 1126 2
12/86Prince's Trust Gala 1986 Paul McCartney.
Paul performs three songs.
Video Gems R 1152
5/87Shanghai Surprise George Harrison.
George has a cameo role, and
wrote the unreleased soundtrack !
Warner PEV 11695
5/87Twice In A Lifetime Paul McCartney.
Paul wrote and performs the title song.
Vestron VA 15119
5/87Video Hits Collection 3 Paul McCartney.
Ferry Aid's version of "Let It Be" is
included, which features Paul.
Video Coll. VC 4021
8/87Yellow Submarine The Beatles.
This version inexplicably omits "Hey Bulldog".
Warner PEV 99655
8/87Bruce Willis - The Return of BrunoRingo Starr.
Ringo appeared in the TV spoof rockumentary.
1st Video V 9046
10/87Let It Be - All Right On The NightPaul McCartney.
Ferry Aid's version of "Let It Be" is
included, which features Paul.
Wienerworld VC 6003
11/87Queen: Magic Years Vol.1 Paul McCartney.
Paul appears saying how much he likes Queen,
(sorry Paul, I don't !!)
PMI MVP 99 1154 2
11/87Queen: Magic Years Vol.2 Ringo Starr.
Ringo appears saying how much he likes Queen,
(sorry Ringo, I don't !!)
PMI MVP 99 1155 2
12/87Once Upon A Video Paul McCartney.
A 6:99 17 minute video "E.P.", includes :
"Once Upon A Long Ago",
"Pretty Little Head",
"Stranglehold", and
"We All Stand Together".
PMI MVS 99 0072 3
12/87The Last Waltz Ringo Starr.
Ringo plays drums on one track.
Warner PEV 99354
2/88Prince's Trust Gala 1987 George/Ringo.
George and Ringo appear performing,
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps",
"Here Comes The Sun", and
"With A Little Help From My Friends".
Kodak 3580743
4/88John & Yoko - A Love StoryNone.
A fictionalised T.V. movie.
Sony Video ?
6/88Eat The Rich Paul McCartney & Linda.
Brief appearance by Paul & Linda.
CBS/Fox ?
6/88Paul McCartney Special Paul McCartney.
A collection of rare Macca footage.
Video Coll. VC 4040
6/88That'll Be The Day Ringo Starr.
The 1973 classic rock'n'roll film starring,
David Essex, Adam Faith and Ringo.
Warner PES 38070
9/88Music Memories & Milestones The Beatles.
Includes clips from press conferences.
Visnews VISNEWS 078
9/88Monty Python - Life of BrianGeorge Harrison.
George appears briefly.
CBS/Fox 2101
9/88Time Bandits George Harrison.
Budget re-release.
CBS/Fox 2102
10/88Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll John Lennon & Julian.
"Johnny B. Goode" by Julian, and
By John and Chuck.
CIC VHA 1317
2/89The Family Way Paul McCartney.
Paul's first movie soundtrack.
Warner PES 38143
3/89The Making Of Help! NONE.
20 minutes of off-cuts from the film ...
BUT no Beatles !
Vex TIN 1V
4/89Sweet Toronto Sweet Toronto John Lennon.
John live in Toronto in 1969.
Running time - 60 mins.
Parkfield MKM 0001
4/89Imagine: John Lennon Imagine John Lennon.
The great 1988 documentary.
(r.r.p. 9:99)
Warner PES 11819
4/89Cool Cats The Beatles.
Includes only glimpses of the Beatles.
MGM/UA SMV 10317
6/89Rock'n'Roll: The Greatest Years: 1971 George/Ringo
"My Sweet Lord" from the Bangla Desh concert,
"It Don't Come Easy" original promo.
Video Coll. VC 4075
1989The Paul McCartney Special McCartney Special Paul McCartney.
A collection of rare Macca footage.
Running time - 60 mins.
Music ClubMC 2008
9/89Put It There Put It There Paul McCartney.
Documentary about "Flowers in the Dirt",
and Paul's world tour.
Running time - 65 minutes
Pickwick MPL 4000
8/89Tom Petty - A Bunch of VideosGeorge/Ringo.
One track has George and Ringo in the band.
Channel 5 CFV 08742
3/90Help ! Help! The Beatles.
First digital stereo re-mastering.
Actual release date : 26th March 1990.
Video Coll. VC 3337
3/90Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles.
First digital stereo re-mastering.
Actual release date : 26th March 1990.
Video Coll. VC 3338
3/90Lethal Weapon 2 George Harrison.
George's "Cheer Down" is in the soundtrack.
Warner PEV 11876
3/90Rolling Stones - 25x5 The Beatles.
Rolling Stones retrospective, includes Beatle snippets.
CMV CMV 49027-2
4/90Alone And Together The Beatles.
60 minutes of newsreel, and chat,
plus movie trailers of their films.
Channel 5 CFV 10352
5/901963 to 1969 (7 Separate vids)The Beatles.
Seven video's of a newsreel collection covering
each year from 1930. These include Beatle snippets.
Parkfield A0034-A0040
6/90Checking Out George Harrison.
George makes a brief appearance.
CBS/Fox 248150
7/90Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band Ringo Starr.
60 minutes of the 1989 U.S. tour,
recorded 3rd September 1989.
Video Coll. VC 4089
8/90Lisztomania Ringo Starr.
Ringo as the Pope in this 1975 film.
Warner ?
11/90On The Road The Beatles.Magnum MMGV 019
12/90John & Yoko: The Bed-InJohn Lennon.
Film of the 1969 Montreal bed-in.
Magnum MMGV 019
2/91Born To BoogieRingo Starr.
Ringo directed this Marc Bolan and T.Rex movie,
much of which is the 18th March 1972 Wembley concert.
Ringo also appears during an Abbey Road studio scene.
PMI MVN 99 1267 3
4/91John Lennon - A Tribute John Lennon.
The Liverpool tribute concert of 5th May 1990,
Ringo performs, "I Call Your Name",
Paul performs, "P.S. Love Me Do".
Carlton PVL 2180
6/91The Compleat Beatles
(Reissue of 1982 vid of same title)
The Beatles Warner PES 50166
10/91Liverpool Oratorio Paul McCartney.
Released 28th October, this is film of
the World premiere of 28th June 1991.
EMI MVE 99 1301 3
21/10/91Get Back Get Back Paul McCartney.
Live concert footage from 1990.
Running time - 85 mins.
(re-issued 1993 on MC 2113)
PMI MVD 99 1309 3
10/92The John Lennon CollectionJohn Lennon
19 video classics, 80 minutes
First 10,000 copies with free CD single,
"Instant Karma/Oh My Love"
PMI MVNC 49 1034 3
11/92One To One John Lennon.
The 1972 "One to One" charity concert.
B.M.G. BMG 791138
2/93The Mystery TripMystery TripThe Beatles.
Mal Evans silent home movies.
3/94Paul Is Live - New World Tour Paul McCartney.PMI MVN 49 1245 3
5/95How I Won The WarJohn Lennon.
John stars in the 1967 film.
6/95Paul Is Live - New World Tour (CD Vid) Paul McCartney Javelin CDV 8627
7/10/96The Anthology (8 Video Set)Anthology The Beatles.
Released 7th October at 99:99 per set.
PMIMVB 49 1625 3
1997The Beatles - A Celebration A Celebration The Beatles.
A documentary film by Mark Devito and Geoffrey Giuliano.
Running time - 56 mins.
LaserLight80 535
19/08/97Alf Bicknell's Beatles DiaryBeatles Diary The Beatles.
The chronicles of Alf Bicknell, driver and road manager(?) of The Beatles.
Includes live concert footage of Paul in the 90's.
Double video :
Video one - 57 mins.
Video two - 27 mins.
6/10/97In The World TonightIn The World Tonight Paul McCartney.
Paul filmed at work and play during the making of "Flaming Pie".
Running time - 73 mins.
6/98At The Movies/Scenes From A CareerThe Beatles.
NOT a video, this is the worlds first Beatles CD-Rom.
Based on Roy Carr's book of the same name.
Over 40 minutes of unreleased film footage.
Plus, 200 previously unseen photographs.
Originally sold at 24:99.
9/99Yellow Submarine Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles.
Digitally re-mastered, colour enhanced.
Warner VFC 11961
6/01Paul - Live At The Cavern Live At The CavernPaul McCartney.
Paul's cavern club concert of 14th December 1999.
Total running time - 1hr 50 mins.
Includes bonus interview with Paul.
(DVD version adds videos, and bio's)
Image ID 0380 MP
27/09/04The Music and Animation Collection The Music and Animation CollectionPaul McCartney.
A collection of Paul's animation pieces
Total running time - 41 mins.
Includes bonus interviews with Paul.
MiramaxZ1 D881355
12/11/07The McCartney Years The McCartney YearsPaul McCartney.
A collection of Paul's visual output
Total running time - 6 hours, 41 minutes 33 seconds !!
28/04/08Classic Albums - Plastic Ono Band Classic Albums - Plastic Ono BandJohn Lennon.
An examination of John's classic Plastic Ono Band album.
Total running time - 88 minutes 29 seconds
Eagle VisionEREDV 674

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