The Daily Mail

25th June 2000

From The "Mail on Sunday", 25th June 2000
When Green Is Good
Tomorrow (26th June) is the start of "National Vegetarian Week" and American company "Peoples Bank" will launch a credit card for vegetarians to meet growing demand. The number of vegetarians in Britain has doubled in the past decade. According to recent research, one person in 15 is now vegetarian and nine per cent of the British, at least prefer not to eat red meat.
Former Beatle and famous vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney is throwing his weight behind the new affinity card. An affinity card is one that gives advantages to the customer (cash-back or air-miles are two examples), or promises to donate to a chosen cause. Part of the profits of this card will go direct to the vegetarian society. The bank will pay the organisation 10 for every new customer and 35p for every 100 spent on a card.
Sir Paul, patron of the vegetarian society, says :
"Use the vegetarian card - put your money where your heart is".

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