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27th June 2000

From the Daily Mail 26/07/2000
by Kate Hurry
You can usually find one at most family weddings.
The jolly older relative who seems to pop up everywhere, keeps things running smoothly - and leaves bemused guests wondering whether he belongs to the bride or groom. But there was no mistaking the identity of this well-wisher at a wedding in Merseyside last week.
Sir Paul McCartney was determined to help his second cousin Sally's register office do go off without a hitch. On the way he had a starring role as chauffeur, photographer, and not surprisingly, even chipped in with some entertainment.
Paul - The Chauffeur In a grey suit and trainers, the former Beatle was accompanied by his girlfriend Heather Mills for a family day to remember.
First on his list of responsibilityís was hiring a black Jaguar to ferry his cousin from her home to the wedding and later, with her groom Kevin Murphy, to the reception at her fatherís home nearby. Sir Paul is said to have taken it through an automatic car wash before the ceremony. Because it was the first time he had used one, he had to wait for the attendant to show him what to do !
Then during the ceremony, there was the traditional duty of making some sort of noise at the vital moment. "When it came to the part about knowing any reason why they should not be married, Paul began clearing his throat as if he was going to say something" said the brideís father, Ian Harris. "Sallyís heart was in her mouth and Paul had a big grin on his face."
After that, Sir Paul and Miss Mills joined the throng outside Wallasey town hall to congratulate the newlyweds. He snapped away with a camera he had snatched off his brother.
Paul - The Photographer Later, Mike McCartney said with "our kid" as chauffeur the day had been a "total family affair".
"Paul hired a nice car for the day and decorated it with wedding flowers," he said. "I did complain that he did not have a chauffeurís cap, though. At least he kept his fun sense of dress with a pair of pumps like those he wore to my wedding 18 years ago."
At the reception, Sir Paul was centre stage again, grabbing a guitar for a rendition of "Fly Me To The Moon". Miss Mills, a former model, displayed another of her talents, accompanying him on saxophone. Paul - The Entertainer Despite such a hectic schedule, there was time for a little romance as well. Immediately after the wedding Sir Paul was spotted kissing Miss Mills as they stood on the register office stairs.
"It was a nice kiss - pretty passionate," said an onlooker. "He seems very fond of her and they seem to be in love. Weddings bring out the romantic in people."
The Bride - Paul's Cousin
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