5th December 2000

From "Hello!" Magazine dated December 5th :
Dhani Harrison Dhani Harrison, the son of Beatle George, has had a close escape after crashing his German car.
Dhani (aged 22) who only took delivery of his new car a month ago, escaped serious injury after the vehicle left the road in Oxfordshire. The tyres were burst by the impact and the offside front wing was ripped off in the smash, which caused about 4,000 of damage to the car. An expert who surveyed the car claimed Dhani must have been doing at least 60 m.p.h.

Dhani was in the news just recently, when he read a statement (most eloquently) on behalf of his parents following the trial of the knife-attacker Michael Abram, who had been dealt with so impressively by his lamp-wielding Mother !

Dhani Harrison's Car

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